Thursday, July 1, 2010

The "Gay Agenda" and the "Gay Lifestyle"

Excellent article by LZ Granderson pointing out that there is no singular gay agenda or lifestyle, that LGBT people are as diverse as heterosexuals.  What they have in common, besides having a different sexual orientation, is the vilification they suffer for simply being what they are, which many have no more choice about then their eye or hair color.  He ends with:

"And yet, 145 years since the abolition of slavery, 90 years since women were allowed to vote and 20 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act, we're still involved in McCarthy-like investigations, holding Briggs-like elections and taking opinion polls based solely upon "what" someone is as opposed to "who" they are.

It's sad. We're such a great nation, still full of great hope and promise and yet we keep being tripped up by ignorance, which leads to fear and then eventually hate. Being gay isn't a choice, but being a bigot certainly is."




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