Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not All Words Mean the Same

Catherine Breyer of About.com's Alternative Relisions page is a thoughtful writer on religious topics.  Here she mentions that certain religions such as Baha'i and Zoroastrians do not fit well into the idea of a congregation, but more of a community.  Zoroastrians do not welcome converts, as they are born into their religion and it is an ethnic community.  Pagans, too, tend not to believe in proselyzation.  Many of us feel that we were born Pagan and didn't know it until we heard about Paganism and its earth-based beliefs.  A lot of us consider proselyzation as rude... to us, our religion is an equal to any other, and we have spent a lot of time searching for the spiritual path that best fit us.  Now that we have found it, trying to argue us out of it shows a lack of respect.  IMHO, of course.


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