Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glenn Greenwald on Narcissistic Elites

Greenwald is the most consistent voice speaking out about torture and other political crimes.  Here he speaks about the lack of a sense of proportion in the political world.  Best paragraph is:

"That's what happens when you create a society where elites can engage in the most wretched and destructive acts with total impunity:  it engenders a blinding, empathy-free, effete sense of entitlement whereby they see themselves as the only ones who matter and their own plight as the only one worthy of consideration.  If you build a political system grounded in the premise that there's an elite caste so special and elevated that they are entitled even to hover above the laws and rules to which everyone else is subjected, the beneficiaries of that caste system are always the first to believe in its virtue.



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