Monday, April 19, 2010

Ed Brayton on Glenn Beck

From a couple of posts:


From former Bush speechwriter Bruce Bartlett (the sane former Bush speechwriter, as opposed to Marc Thiessen):

"Bill O'Reilly might look like a clown compared to a traditional news anchor, but compared to Glenn Beck he looks like Edward R. Murrow."
"Oh yeah, being called a patriot by Glenn Beck carries such currency with me. Getting weepy eyed when a Lee Greenwood song plays does not make someone a patriot. Glenn Beck wouldn't know patriotism if it crawled up his pantleg, perched on his ass and yodeled the Battle Hymn of the Republic. He's a carnival barker on the political midway, a con man who gets rich by fleecing the ignorant and the credulous with fantastic tales of invented conspiracy."

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