Saturday, April 17, 2010

Book Review: Changes by Jim Butcher

Title Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12)
Author Jim Butcher
Rating ****1/2

Poor Jim Butcher. People keep flocking to his Dresden files series no matter how much he pushes them towards his sword and sorcery series. I'm part of the crowd, having read all of the first series and none of the second... but then sword and sorcery isn't a genre I'm particularly fond of.

I continue to think that the main problem with the Dresden Files is that Harry is always forced to fight against odds that are close to impossible, without enough help or resources. In this one, the prize in the fight is the best one Harry has ever fought for. He finds out that he has a daughter by his former lover, and the daughter has been kidnapped by a very old and powerful vampire of the Red Court who plans to sacrifice the girl in order to curse Harry and his kin. Harry is a wizard of the White Council which is at war with the Red Court, and the outcome may determine who wins.

So Harry and his friends and allies are tested as never before, and it produces a book that is very much a page-turner. I'm happy I read it on the weekend, as it was about 1 am before I finished it.

The book ends in an unexpected way that may put the future of the series in doubt. I'm anxious to see what Butcher comes up with next.

Publication Roc Hardcover (2010), Edition: First Ediition/First Printing, Hardcover, 448 pages
Publication date 2010
ISBN 045146317X / 9780451463173

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