Thursday, April 15, 2010

Church Abuse Scandal Caused by Zionists

...according to one Catholic Bishop.  This just reinforces how out-of-touch the Catholic hierarchy is.  To say something like this is not only absurd on more than one level (being both untrue and trying so hard to not accept responsibility), but is likely to cause people to remember that in conflicts between the Catholic Church and Jews, it wasn't the Jews who created the Inquisition, murdered many Jews for not converting, pushed them out of many countries, etc, etc. etc.  The Catholic Church, being so full of men, should man up and accept that there were many aspects of its past we now view with horror, and allowing abuse of children to continue is but the latest of these.  There are Catholics, including some priests, who are properly horrified about the abuse, but unless more of the hierarchy starts issuing some heartfelt apologies, and stops insulting/trying to blame everyone else (Jews, homosexuals), it is going to lose a lot of its influence.


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