Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Review: Undead and Unworthy

TitleUndead and Unworthy (Queen Betsy, Book 7)
AuthorMaryJanice Davidson
Tagsfantasy, vampires, paranormal

Seventh of Mary Janice Davidson's series about Betsy Taylor, a fashion-conscious vampire who, now that she is Queen of the Vampires, can indulge her taste for shoes. Too bad all the people who want to hurt or kill her for one reason or another don't respect the shoes. In this book, feral vampires blame her for their decades of miserable existence and try to wipe out her and her family. Meanwhile she tries to solve murder cases with a human police detective who hates her but dates her best friend.

This chick lit paranormal series is generally amusing, with decent plots, but it's like Chinese food, you're hungry for something else an hour after reading it.
PublicationBerkley Hardcover (2008), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 304 pages
Publication date2008
ISBN0425221628 / 9780425221624

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