Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Review: All the Colors of Darkness

TitleAll the Colors of Darkness
AuthorPeter Robinson
Tagsmystery, series, alan banks, england

Latest in Peter Robinson's police procedurals set in Eastvale, a town in England, whose main character is detective Alan Banks. I've read all the series and consider it one of the best contemporary mystery series. This eighteenth volume doesn't disappoint. What seems to be a murder/suicide in a gay couple gets more complicated when it turns out the murder victim was a British intelligence agent. Was his lover manipulated into the murder?

If this series were on television instead of books, I would say it has a great ensemble cast. The characters are complex and real. Moreover Robinson does good plot. It is a rare fictional series that holds up well over 18 books. If you haven't tried this series, give it a shot. Each book stands on its own, but the characters do a lot of development over the course of the series.
PublicationWilliam Morrow (no date), Hardcover, 368 pages
Publication dateno date
ISBN006136293X / 9780061362934

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