Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Review: The Somnambulist

TitleThe Somnambulist: A Novel
AuthorJonathan Barnes
Tagsfiction, fantasy, london, magic, mystery, thriller

This unusual and intriguing story has as a main character Edward Moon, magician and crime-solving genius, a little past his prime. His partner in the magic show is the Somnambulist, seemingly impervious to pain and injury. They live above a theatre in London, and word reaches them of an unusual murder...and that is just the beginning of odd events, including prophecies of the destruction of London.

The book has bizarre characters, fantastical elements, bizarre events...and it all works, and makes for a truly interesting read. Not, perhaps, for those with weak stomachs.
PublicationHarper Paperbacks (no date), Paperback, 384 pages
Publication dateno date
ISBN006137539X / 9780061375392

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