Sunday, September 7, 2008

Book Review: What's a Ghoul to Do?

TitleWhat's a Ghoul to Do? (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, Book 1)
AuthorVictoria Laurie
Tagsmystery, sreies, paranormal, medium, ghosts

I liked Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye mysteries so much I decided to give her other series a try, and this is the first book in the Ghost Buster series. The main character is M. J. Holliday, a medium and ghost buster who works out of Boston. She has a handsome and exotic doctor as a client who wants to know if his grandfather's death was suicide.

Good start to a new series. I became as involved in it as I have been in the books in the Psychic Eye mysteries. Laurie has a flair for interesting characters and potboiler paranormal action. Recommended.
PublicationSignet (2007), Paperback, 304 pages
Publication date2007
ISBN0451220900 / 9780451220905

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