Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let’s Talk About Sex

"We need to create a sex education infrastructure that acknowledges reality and protects our children from unwanted pregnancies, or worse." This op-ed piece from the New York Times gives some of the frightening statistics on teen pregnancy and abortions in the United States. Abstinence-only education sounds good in theory, but in practice it simply doesn't work, as proven by those countries where the sexual activity rate is higher but the pregnancy rate is much lower. If one wants to stop abortions, do it by having alternatives available and teaching teenagers what they are. The editorial doesn't even mention the horribly high incidence of teens with STDs... which means a teen's sexual mistake today can be a death sentence.

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Keith said...

Huffington always gives me a chance to breathe better. I will say I would never let McCain drive anyone's kids to a football game.

Thank you for blogging.