Sunday, September 28, 2008

Book Review: Cries and Whiskers

TitleCries and Whiskers (Theda Mysteries, No. 3)
AuthorClea Simon
Tagsmystery, series, boston, rock music, cats

Third in Simon's Theda Krakow mysteries. Theda is a freelance writer in the Cambridgeport area near Boston, MA. She writes mostly about the rock music scene in Cambridgeport, and also has a major interest in cats. Her friend runs a cat shelter, and in this volume, works with a group whose actions in progressive causes gets them in trouble at times. One of the women in the group is killed in a hit-and-run accident that may not have been an accident.

I enjoy this series quite a bit. The author's experience in rock music gives a nice tone of authenticity to Theda's adventures, and her love of cats shines through for animal lovers. Recommended..
PublicationPoisoned Pen Press (2007), Paperback, 240 pages
Publication date2007
ISBN1590585380 / 9781590585382

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