Friday, July 2, 2010

How Many Days Old are You?

Kind of cool.. sent to me by my brother John.  .My results:


Date: 7 - 6 - 1958 (MM-DD-YYYY).

You are 18989 days old.
That's 2712 weeks and 5 days.
Which is 51 years and 361 days, including 13 leap years*.
(= 51 years, 51 weeks and 4 days.)
Therefore, you are approximately 52 years old.

You were born on a Sunday, your last birthday was a Monday
and your next one will be on a Tuesday.

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This script tells you how many days old you are, on which day you were born and on which day your next birthday will be. Enjoy!
The amount of leap years you have lived through actually show how many February 29's you've been in. E.g., someone born in August 2008 will have 0 leap years, because he was born after February 29th.
The output relies on the server time, which is currently the following: 02 Jul 2010, 14:59





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