Thursday, September 10, 2009

Roger Cohen on Social Media and Journalism

In is recent New York Times column Roger Cohen talks about Iran and twitter, and whether one can cover a story without being on the ground where it was happening.  His answer is no.  There's a lot of attacks on social media from the mainstream press, and this is one, but he has a lot that is valid to say.  I don't care whether news survives in the medium of paper.  I do care about quality coverage, and for that there has to be a way to support having professional journalists out where the stories are.  But I also think that bloggers do add a lot of value, because for one think I think the mainstream media does not sufficiently challenge those in power and we need alternative voices.  Sturgeon's Law holds (90% of everything is ... human waste products), but the best bloggers provide reasoned, informed comment on the news.


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