Monday, September 7, 2009

Best Geek Pick-up Line

Ed Brayton relays the best ever geek pick-up line:

               "If I were an enzyme, I'd be DNA Helicase so I could unzip your genes."

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Anonymous said...

That is geeky! It might work on me if it came from someone who looked like Elvis Costello, with soulful eyes and thick-rimmed glasses.

Mary Amanda Axford said...

Hm... who would I like... voices are a huge turn on for me. The actor who was in Moonlight, Alex O'Laughlin (sp?) has a great voice and soulful eyes. Have seen a guy in the Inspector Lewis mysteries I like too, he plays Hathaway. Looked him up on IMDB and he is married to Billie Piper, who played a companion on Dr. Who.