Sunday, September 6, 2009

Book Review: True Detectives

Title True Detectives: A Novel
Author Jonathan Kellerman
Rating ***1/2
Tags mystery, series, police procedurals, alex delaware 

This is loosely tied to Kellerman's Alex Delaware series, about a psychologist who consults often with the police. In the last book in the series, Kellerman introduced two new detectives, Aaron Fox and Moses Reed.. They are brothers with the same mother, but different fathers. Aaron, the older, is the son of a black cop, and Moe is the son of a white cop who was the black cop's partner. The brothers do not get along. Reed is a policeman while Fox is a private detective.

Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis, the main characters for most of the series, almost don't show up in this novel at all. It is all about Reed and Fox. They wind up on the same case of a college student who has been missing for a year and a half. Their antagonism is sometimes put aside for the sake of solving the case.

The story is a good one, though perhaps a little overlong. The new guys are good, and one of the best characters is their mother. But I miss both Alex and Milo.

Publication Ballantine Books (2009), Edition: Reprint, Mass Market Paperback, 480 pages
Publication date 2009
ISBN 0345495187 / 9780345495181

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