Thursday, September 24, 2009

Click to Give!

Wanted to mention, again the several charities that fall under the umbrella of the Greater Good Network.  One of the charities is the Animal Rescue Site.  Go to the site and you see a button you can click on to give food to animals in shelters, paid for by sponsors.  At the top are buttons to get to the other charity sites, for hunger, child health, literacy, breast cancer, and the rainforest.  Each has a button you can click on to donate money to that cause.  It is simple, easy, and the sites are nicely designed.  There is also an associated store, and whenenver you buy anything more is donated to the causes.  I've bought a number of things there and been pleased with them.  It is a great place to find gifts, as they get unique items from all over the world.


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