Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great Post on Lessons from the Obama Speech to School Children

This is a great post on Obama's speech to school children.  It summarizes some of the speech, but I really like the last part of the post:


"If you choose to keep your children home from school tomorrow, I would ask that you make sure you understand the lesson you are really teaching them.

Are you teaching them that they should respect authority as long as it is authority you agree with?

Are you teaching them to enjoy the authority they earn in life, but to be a sore loser when they are edged out in a hard fought contest?

Are you teaching them that it is only important to listen to and learn from only those you already agree with?

If you didn’t have the same objections when President Bush spoke to school children, are you teaching them to find unique facts about similar situations to justify selective outrage?

One of the biggest red flags we continue to point out in the Peach Pundit community is when we see politicians proclaim they are acting “for the children”. Watching politicians insulate themselves from criticism for an often indefensible position under the cover of kids is unseemly. Watching parents use their own children for the same purposes is pathetic.

If you are removing your children from school tomorrow, please don’t pretend it’s about them. It’s all about you."


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