Thursday, August 5, 2010

Viewpoint of a Conservative Defeated by the Tea Party

Interesting article on GOP Representative Bob Inglis, who was defeated by a Tea Party candidate, and what he thinks of the rhetoric flying around.


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Unknown said...

I'm glad to know that there are still a few sane Republicans left in this world and I admire Bob Inglis for his principles. The Democratic Party is more in line with my personal beliefs, but I strongly believe in a two party (or more) system of government. The dialog between the parties is what keeps (should keep) us from straying too far in either extreme, in my opinion. I'm saddened by the extremism in the Republican Party because I don't think that we're really having dialog right now. It doesn't seem like there's any room or desire for compromise in Congress, but diversity (of race, of culture, of political thought) is what makes American so great and protects our freedoms.

Mary Amanda Axford said...

I agree with you 100%. Very well said!