Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrate the Marriage Equality Court Victory

...and it is a victory, even though the case still has to wind its way through a couple of levels of appeal.  Meanwhile, opponents of same-sex marriage are getting pretty desperate, as this post by Ed Brayton shows, and making ridiculous arguments.   I think that the case showed how weak the arguments and witnesses put forth against gay marriage really are.  Let me reiterate again why denial of gay rights is bad:

  • It discriminates against a legal class of people, which is unconstitutional
  • opposition to it is based on religious grounds, and no one should ever be able to impose their religion on another person under our Constitution
  • It punishes people for something they are born with, like eye color or handedness.  Think of how long left-handed people were punished for being left-handed.  In the last century, we finally let go of that irrationality.  It is time to let prejudice against gays go too.  And even if it were a choice (and it is for many bisexuals), it should be up to each individual to make their own choices about who to love, as long as those choices are made among consenting adults.
  • The psychological damage done to people who are constantly being told they are bad for something they are born to be is horrible.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people deserve to understand that they are people of worth and dignity, with the right to love whom they will.

...and many other reasons.

I was interested to note how many of my friends who were on facebook celebrating this decision are straight.  I myself don't have a vested interest in this outcome, as I am a low-Kinsey bi not in a relationship with anyone and not expecting to be.  For me it is a matter of justice for my friends, co-workers, and other gays I don't know.  So I celebrate this court victory, and look forward to the day LGBT folk are treated as fully equal under the law.  This is justice, long denied, and it tastes sweet.



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