Friday, August 13, 2010

Arguments Against Gay Marriage and Their Reasonableness or Lack Thereof

Good post from Ed Brayton that creates a discussion between conservative Russ Douthat, liberal blogger Matt Yglesias, gay activist Dan Savage, and Ed.  Douthat dismisses some of the arguments against gay marriage as not reflecting history correctly - "traditional marriage" as the religious right defines it has not been the norm in all cultures in all time periods.  But he argues that the nuclear family is a better institution and deserves "recognition and support".  What the other three point out in more or less strong language is that, if this is so, then heterosexuals who have relationships who do not fit the monogamous procreative mold should be punished as well as gays, but they are not.  However you cut it, discriminating against gays is unjust.



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