Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quiverfull: and Extreme Motherhood

Fascinating article in Newsweek about the "Quiverfull" movement in evangelical Christianity that emphasizes women's submission and role as mothers, and is anti-contraception. They believe that families should not practice any form of birth control, not even natural, that instead they accept God's will as to how many children they will have. The Duggar family is the most famous example. They have 18 children so far and a reality show. The movement is small, so far, in the tens of thousands, though it is growing. As a Pagan who considers us as an integral part of nature living in a modern world I consider already overpopulated, I find it hard to ... well, forgive the pun, but conceive of such a thing.

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Anna O'Connell said...

I have a two word reaction to the article: "Preacher's Kid".

The kids will swing the other way, politically, religiously, reproductively or all three. It's almost an inevitable reaction.