Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book Review: The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

Title: The Ghost and Mrs. McClure (Haunted Bookshop Mystery)
Author: Alice Kimberly
Rating: ***1/2
Tags: mystery, series, ghosts, private eye, bookstores

First in the Haunted Bookshop mystery series. Jack Shepard was a noirish PI in the Dashiell Hammett mode.when he was shot dead in front of a bookshop in Quindicott, Rhode Island in 1949. His spirit hung around bored for the next fifty years until Penelope Thornton-McClure became a partner in her Aunt Sadie's bookshop. Pen is able to hear Jack, and he finds her just his kind of person. When their first author event ends in the author's death, Pen and Jack have to solve the case.

Good novel, not outstanding, but I'll read more in the series.

Publication Berkley (2004), Paperback, 272 pages
Publication date 2004
ISBN 0425194612 / 9780425194614

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