Sunday, March 15, 2009

Book Review: Murder at the Academy Awards

Title Murder at the Academy Awards (R): A Red Carpet Murder Mystery
Farmer, Jerrilyn
Joan Rivers
Rating ****
Tags actors, celebreties, mystery, series, joan rivers

First in a series by Joan Rivers and Jerrilyn Farmer. I wanted to read it not just because of Joan Rivers and her vast knowledge of Hollywood, but because I've read Jerrilyn Farmer's Madelyn Bean series and enjoyed it.

The main character is Maxine Taylor, loosely based, of course, on Joan Rivers. The action starts with the red carpet show before the Academy Awards. Maxine's daughter, Drew, who works with Maxine, is good friends with the hot young star Halsey Hamilton. Halsey has been in rehab for several months, but shows up at the awards apparently high, in a bra and panties, and collapses while Maxine is interviewing her and dies. Drew's ex-boyfriend, Burke, is suspected. Maxine would love to have Burke out of Drew's life, but is afraid she might lose Drew if she doesn't try to clear him. Along the way Maxine takes an ... interesting... trip to rehab, and solves the mystery in a wildly public venue.

A good start to what will hopefully be a good series.
Other authors: Farmer, Jerrilyn

Author – Farmer, Jerrilyn
Publication Pocket (2009), Hardcover, 320 pages
Publication date 2009
ISBN 1416599371 / 9781416599371

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