Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's not easy being green

"You might want to go green, but how do you know what you're buying is truly ethical? Greenwash -- the ignoble art of misleading consumers about a product's true green worth -- is on the rise. But thanks to the work of increasingly vigilant regulators, some of the more curious and downright spurious claims are being weeded out.: Story from CNN.

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Marty R. said...

''how do you know what you're buying is truly ethical?''
You say this but does it really matter? What if one simple ''environmentaly friendly'' product, weither it is friendly or not, made many people realise that our planet is in great danger? It can easily help them push themselves to a greener life. For example, recycling or even start buying organic products.

Martin Robichaud
University of Ottawa
Environmental Sciences (If you want to reply)