Saturday, July 19, 2008

Book review: For a Few Demons More

TitleFor a Few Demons More (Rachel Morgan, Book 5)
Kim Harrison


Tagsseries, paranormal, witches, vampires, werewolves

This paranormal mystery series is one I've enjoyed, though at least one was not a favorite. My expectations of this one were not high but I turned out to really enjoy it. Rachel Morgan is a witch and a bounty hunter in a world where vampires, witches, werefolk, and other magical creatures exist as slightly different species from humans and have only been known to humans for about 40 years. Rachel is a bounty hunter who brings in lawbreaking paranormals. She has a business with her housemates, Ivy, a yet living vampire, and Jinks, a pixie.

In this outing it seems everyone, including a powerful demon or two, are out to get Rachel, and that not only is she in danger but those she loves. Recommended.
PublicationEos (2007), Edition: 1ST, Hardcover, 456 pages
Publication date2007

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