Thursday, July 3, 2008

Book review: Miss Zukas and the Stroke of Death

TitleMiss Zukas and the Stroke of Death (Miss Zukas Mysteries)
AuthorJo Dereske

Tagsmystery, series, jo dereske, librarians

This is the third in Dereske's series about Helma Zukas, a librarian in the Bellehaven, WA public library. I had read the first in the series years ago, and wasn't impressed enough to seek out the others. Now I have the opportunity to read them all. And now I remember why I wasn't that thrilled... Helma Zukas and I are about as opposite in personality as you can get, though we share a profession. She is so orderly she is almost obsessive, and often seems to use her dislike of disorder to insulate her from life. Then she'll do something unexpected that seems out of character. In this outing, and it is literally an outing, she is persuaded to be part of the Library's team in a major local sporting event. For her leg she will row a canoe 18 miles. In the meantime she is solving a murder and getting closer to the chief of police.
PublicationAvon (1995), Mass Market Paperback, 272 pages
Publication date1995
ISBN0380770334 / 9780380770335

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