Friday, March 12, 2010

Islamic Scholar Issues Fatwa Against Terrorism

He says he is not afraid for his life - he is a brave man.

The religious right often accuses liberals of being pro-Muslim.  I am pro-Muslim in the same way I'm pro-Christian, pro-Buddhist, pro-Wicca, etc.  I am for all religions when they contribute to the spiritual well-being of humans.  Equally, I am against them when they oppress people because they are women, or gay, or of a different religion.  In my humble opinion, any religion can be and has been used to contribute to humanity's betterment, and any religion can be, and has been, used to do harm.

When liberals point to articles like the one above, we are reacting against the ignorant villification of all Muslims as being violent radicals.  They are not, and the gentleman above is risking his life in an attempt to sway those Muslims who are tempted to turn to violence.



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