Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Real Education

Good piece from Bob Herbert on some schools that seem to be getting it right.  They are investing in people, finding and developing good teachers who are passionate about what they do.  Deborah Kenny, who has founded three charter schools in Harlem, is the focus of the piece, and I also like what she asks of her students:

"“I had five core things in mind for my kids, and that’s what I want for our students,” she said. “I wanted them to be wholesome in character. I wanted them to be compassionate and to see life as a responsibility to give something to the world. I wanted them to have a sophisticated intellect. I wanted them to be avid readers, the kind of person who always has trouble putting a book down. And I raised them to be independent thinkers, to lead reflective and meaningful lives.”

Those are excellent values, and not necessarily tied to any religion, so something that can be taught in public schools.


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