Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss Mascot?

Cool... a bunch of students at Ole Miss  (see; I can't get the linking to work) are voting for Admiral Ackbar, the alien rebel admiral in Star Wars, whose most famous line was "It's a trap", to be the new Old Miss mascot. 

The news I find most pleasing about this is that Ole Miss has abandoned the Colonel Reb mascot.  In my book, its about damn time.  I'm a native Southerner, but I've always despised the Confederacy and I always will.  People who say it was about states' rights are deluding themselves, in my opinion.  It was about the right of one human being to hold another in slavery, and that is one of the greater evils there have ever been on this planet.  The deader the Confederacy the better I like it.



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