Friday, February 19, 2010

Interfaith Dialog

I posted what is below as a comment to an op-ed by a Christian minister who asked other Christians to respect other beliefs.

"Thanks to the Rev. Buie for the above article.  As a Pagan, he offers all that I ask of Christians - a respect for my beliefs though he does not agree with them, and a willingness to learn what Paganism is about rather than bashing us based on ignorance, which is what we get from many Christians.

Most Pagans have no wish to convert others, but welcome those for whom our religion speaks to their spiritual needs.  Most Pagans believe that the Feminine is as divine as the masculine, that all things are sacred and interconnected, that the Earth is sacred and needs to be treated with respect.

The problems of this world are many and profound.  We welcome the opportunity to work with people of all faiths to make life better on this planet for all its inhabitants."



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