Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa Claus Gay? In a Play

A friend of mine sends me articles by Wayne Beson, a gay activist, from time to time and they are always good.  This article is about Focus on the Family's denunciation of a play in which Santa Claus comes out.  I don't agree with the whole article.  The vital point, to m, in it is the following:

"Solomon is correct to say that Focus on the Family is choosing to sexualize a non-sexual comedy in order to rile up its batty base. What the group means when it says parents have "God-given rights to protect their (childrens') innocence," is that fundamentalist Christians are superior to the rest of us. That they have the unique "right" to censor and silence people who disagree with their "Valuless Traditions" disguised as "Traditional Values".

Sorry, but in America GLBT families are a positive reality and they will not just disappear or hide because hate groups are opposed to their very existence. Indeed, it is poor parenting to instill prejudice in young people and preach intolerance in the name of religious belief. America's youth should be taught to respect all people and be presented with a realistic view of our nation's diverse families. To do otherwise is irresponsible and a failure to prepare a child to succeed in the world."


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