Thursday, December 3, 2009

Book Review: What Just Happenned? Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line

Title What Just Happened?: Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line
Author Art Linson
Rating ***1/2
Tags hollywood, movies, producers, actors 

Stories from a movie producer. Things in Hollywood get weird fast. Linson shows, for one thing, how hard it is to estimate if a movie will be successful. Putting together the right combination of writers, directors, actors, etc. is an art, and art and business don't mix well, which is why the whole business is enough to drive a nice producer to drink or worse.

A book in which we find out that Alec Baldwin doesn't like to shave his beard when worried he's too heavy and Robert De Niro likes to do readings.

Publication Grove Press (2008), Edition: Revised, Paperback, 224 pages
Publication date 2008
ISBN 0802143385 / 9780802143389

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