Saturday, July 25, 2009

Book Review: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Title: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Vintage)
Author: Stieg Larsson
Rating: *****
Tags: mystery, series, sweden, hackers

Wow! That's my reaction to finishing this book. It has been hard to get hold of in my library because it is so popular, and now I know why. There are mixed feelings, though, because the author, Stieg Larsson, wrote this book and two sequels, and then died. So there's that great feeling of discovering a wonderful new author, but knowing there will only ever be two more books to read in the series.

There are two central characters, a financial journalist named Mikael Blomkvist, and a private investigator named Lisbeth Salander. As it opens, Blomkvist has had a judgement against him for libel and his magazine is in trouble. Salandar is a very unusual character who dresses like a Goth and won't follow any standard rules of behavior.

Mikael is offered a job by an 82 year-old industrialist whose grand daughter disappeared 40 years ago. Blomkvist needs something to do while the issue of his libel conviction becomes less toxic to him. Lisbeth investigates Blomkvist for the industrialist and then works with both to help solve the mystery.

Lisbeth Salandar is one of the most unique characters in literature. She's not a comfortable character, but she is fascinating. Blomkvist, despite his conviction, is a decent man and a believable character.

There are parts of the book that are quite dark, but it deals with dark themes.

Excellent book. I highly recommend it.

Publication Vintage (2009), Paperback, 608 pages
Publication date 2009
ISBN 0307454541 / 9780307454546

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