Thursday, August 27, 2009

DNC Tribute Video

Ok, I'll slack up soon on the Kennedy stuff, but there's a lot of fine tributes out there.

My friend Mark was telling me last night about the stories on a message board he reads from a woman who was at one time an aide or intern to Teddy. She described him as a kind man, one all the people who worked for him looked up to as a father figure. I strongly feel that you can get a sense of a person's true character by how they treat people of lesser status than themselves. Someone who makes it a rule to treat waiters badly, for instance, and stiff them on tips is someone I wouldn't trust. And this woman attests to how people who worked for Teddy loved him. Besides that, his dedication as a legislator to be a voice for the underprivileged shows him to have been a man for whom the term "public service" was a life's work.

Here is the tribute video the Democratic National Committee made honoring Senator Kennedy at last year's convention:

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