Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Book Review: Turn Coat

Title: Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11)
Author: Jim Butcher
Rating: ****
Tags: series, paranormal, wizards, harry dresden, vampires

Eleventh in the series about Chicago wizard Harry Dresden. In this volume, there is a traitor in the Wizard's Council, and the Council thinks it is Morgan, who comes to Harry for help. He and Harry have not been friends, but Harry knows that Morgan is not capable of such betrayal. So he has to find the real traitor and, to make things worse, the real traitor draws the vampires into the fight.

As usual, Harry is fighting against impossible odds. His assets are his smarts, his skills, and his friends. All are required this time, as well as an intriguing new being, the god of the island used in the conflict.

Good reading, as always with Butcher.

Publication Roc Hardcover (2009), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 432 pages
Publication date 2009
ISBN 0451462564 / 9780451462565

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