Thursday, June 11, 2009

What it Is to Be Pagan by Gus DeZeriga

Gus DeZeriga, who writes A Pagan's Blog, creates many wonderful posts. Here is one I really like, defining yet another part of what it means to be Pagan. He mentions that we are more concerned with immanence, reaching the Divine within, rather than transcendence, reaching up to a separate God. Also that we do not focus on sin and redemption, but "Rather we seek to get into greater harmony with this world through our rituals, personal practices, and work with deities." I believe the lack of concern with sin and redemption also has to do with the belief common to many Pagans in reincarnation, seeing life as part of a learning process that goes on for uncounted lives and years and that return us to a state of harmony with the Divine.

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