Friday, June 26, 2009

Quote of the Day: 6/27/2009

[On living next to a cemetery]
Even in an age of science, the dead were often considered bad neighbors. Henry couldn't understand why; the dead never played Twisted Sister at 130 decibels at 3 in the morning".

-- Tanya Huff, _Blood Price_

Well, I thought it was funny... Tanya Huff is a terrific writer. Her Blood series is about a vampire who in life was the bastard son of Henry VIII, and is now a romance writer. He is living in Toronto and gets to know Vicky Nelson, who was a police woman, now a private eye. Great series.

Oh, and speaking of cemeteries, there is a funny story from my childhood. My mother was into Alabama history and took me around to a lot of antebellum houses and cemeteries, where she gathered genealogical information. She swore up and down that when I was three, I asked for a toy cemetery for Christmas.

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