Thursday, April 16, 2009

Talking Points on Taxes

When those who are against taxes start telling you why, this article by Robert Reich gives some of the facts on our tax system.

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Hate said...

1. "Americans pay too much in taxes." Wrong: The United States has the lowest taxes of all developed nations.

Doesn't change the FACT that Americans pay too much in taxes.

"2. "The rich pay too much! The top ten percent of income earners pay over 72 percent of all income taxes!" Misleading:"

No, clarifying. They pay so much because their tax RATES are higher.

3. "The bottom 60 percent pay only 3.3 percent of the taxes!

They pay 3.3 of INCOME taxes, which is what runs the national government. Sales taxes pay for state and local governments.

"4. "Obama is raising your taxes!" Wrong"

WRONG. Obams IS raising taxes by allowing some of the tax cuts to expire which means millions of Americans will pay higher taxes.

6. "We have a patriotic duty to stand up against Washington taxes!" Just the opposite.

No, exactly accurate, just as the Founders.