Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Review: The Blacksmith's Daughter

TitleThe Blacksmith's Daughter
AuthorSuzanne Adair
Tagssuzanneadair mystery historicalmystery americanrevolution georgia southcarolina south
Your reviewSecond in a historical mystery series set during the Revolutionary War, one of very few set in the Southern colonies. The first book in the series was Paper Woman_. Even though it is the same series, the focus has changed. The main character in this book is the daughter of the main character in the first book.
I read the book on an airplane going to a conference, and didn't get around to reviewing it until a good bit later, and I was sorry for it, as I don't have a good memory for details.
Disclaimer: I have had an email correspondence with the author, and she is a delightful lady, intelligent, charming, and a great researcher as well as a good writer.

Nevertheless, I didn't review the book for a long time in part because it bothered me, and it took me a while to pin down why. I think I have. The problem for me was that other than the sociopathic character, a British officer, the sympathetic characters are pretty much all British or neutrals. I've grown up so trained to revere the Revolutionary generation that it didn't sit well... and I think that is my problem, not the author's, and have come around to believing it is a valuable viewpoint on that era, a corrective that to a view that is all black and white. Get over that, and you'll find it an enjoyable adventure.
PublicationWhittler's Bench Press (2007), Edition: First, Paperback, 353 pages
Publication date2007
ISBN0978526538 / 9780978526535

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