Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wayne Beson: Why the Affairs of the Morality Brigade Matters

Good column.  Once upon a time, a politician's sexual affairs were considered no one else's business, unless it impacted their ability to govern.  The Moral Majority types are the ones that made it matter and made it an issue, and that is why, when one of them speaks out forcefully against what they consider sexually immoral and is found to act in a manner opposite his/her speech, it is considered to matter.  They also tend to speak in favor of a person taking responsibility for their actions, and then are the first to whine that the liberal media is out to get them, not that they were caught doing something they themselves claimed was unacceptable.  Even more important, these are the people who cause immmeasurable suffering to gay people worldwide, and for that they need to be excoriated.


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