Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greg Mortenson on Bill Moyers

I'm home, not feeling well today after too much travel, so I'm watching shows my TIVO caught for me while I was gone.  One is the most recent Bill Moyer's Journal.  This week one of his guests was Greg Mortenson, who has spent 20 years building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  His story was told first in the book Three Cups of Tea, and he has just published a book Stones into Schools.  I read and adored Three Cups of Tea and have the other on my wishlist to read.  One of the things Moyers talked to Mortenson about was that in all his years there, Mortenson has gotten to know the people and the culture of that part of the world, and he excels at listening and believes in it as a tool.  The good news is that the US military has started listening too, to Mortenson, who has met numerous times with David Petreus and Stanley McChrystal, the two generals in charge of the Afghanistan war.  To see the Mortenson interview, go to the page, cklick on Bill Moyer's Journal, and it is this week one of the top two stories.  A world that has a Greg Mortenson and a Paul Farmer in it is a world that has hope.

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