Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clicking for Change

I've mentioned before the sites from the Greater Good Network.  The one I go to first is The Animal Rescue Site.  Click on the big button, and sponsors donate food for animals in shelters.  At the top, you'll see tabs for their other sites, and the same happens there, click on the button and money is donated.  There is a hunger site, a breast cancer site, a child health site, a literacy site, and a rainforest site.  They are showing now the year end totals of clicks and donations for the year 2009, and I notice that the breast cancer site and the rainforest site are getting much fewer clicks, so want to encourage people to click on all the sites daily.  The breast cancer site funds mammograms for those who can't afford them, and the rainforest site saves land in a preserve.  If you're not sure that's a cause you want to support, consider whether you like breathing.... a lot of the oxygen we need comes from the rainforest trees.  You can sign up for an email reminder once a day, and they have a wonderful store that sells things from all over the world.


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