Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sad News from Maine

The law allowing marriage equality has been repealed.  As far as public opinion has traveled, it isn't far enough yet.  I have many gay friends and co-workers, and to my mind, it is devastatingly horrid to tell them they do not have the same rights as straights.  I believe it is forcing LGBT people to live their lives according to someone else's religion, and I believe this is unconstitutional.  It is being said that some people voted for repeal because they were afraid that their kids would be taught in school that homosexuality is ok.  There are two things wrong with this... one, the law ensuring marriage equality had nothing in it about the school curriculum, and (2) kids need to be taught that homosexuality is ok.  A large percentage of teen suicides are related to LGBT issues.  If you tell a gay teen that that which they are born to be is bad, YOU ARE KILLING KIDS.  I suggest reading the book Prayers for Bobby for one woman's struggle with this issue after her gay son committed suicide.

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StephanieD said...

This is very upsetting news indeed. How discouraging.

Mary Amanda Axford said...

It is indeed.