Sunday, November 15, 2009

Non-Religous Arguments Against Gay Rights

Thi article is very valuable.  It looks at the arguments by someome else against gay rights on grounds other than religion, such as economics or health, and demolishes them pretty thoroughly.  One of the important things to note, though, is that the person trying to make the economic and health argument is a Christian.  I don't see anyone else much making ANY arguments against gay rights.  And if, in the end, the argument being made is a religious one, then it is unconsitutional, a violation of freedom of religion and of equal rights.

And I wish that those making these arguments, who are in all proability heterosexual, would look deep inside and ask how they would feel if they were told that because of someone else's religion, they could not marry the person of the opposite sex that they love and want to share the rest of their life with.  I'd also like it if they could explain to me what exactly is going to happen that is so bad if same sex marriage is allowed.  It won't affect heterosexual marriage in any way.  Look at Massachusetts, for example.  They've had gay marriage for a few years now, and they have the LOWEST divorce rate in the nation.

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