Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To My Republican Friends

I know you are disappointed at John McCain's loss. But I hope that you can understand something of the hope that is felt by those of us who are energized by Obama's win, and feel that it is a fulfillment of the best of the American dream.

First, don't be afraid of Obama, and look to the man himself for the understanding the kind of leader he will be. Read and/or watch his victory speech last night. He is willing to reach out to you, to listen to you. Note that he makes no divisive remarks about his opponents or the campaign. If you watch his 30 minute infomercial that aired last week I think you will see the same thing. He is looking to the future and to helping all Americans reach their best potential.

Next, I'm convinced that his policies will be the best for the economy. He will invest in greening America's infrastructure, providing jobs and improving the environment. Deficits are a concern, but as James K. Galbraith pointed out on Bill Moyer's Journal , there will be higher deficits no matter what we do. The next President will have the choice of spending to support the economy, or the economy will collapse and the tax base be devastated.

It is also vital that we have a President who will move us towards a sustainable environment. Carbon emissions have to be reduced, and we have to stop depending so much on foreign oil. I believe Obama will work toward those things.

I believe that Obama has the best temperament to be President. He is calm, rational, he listens to advice, and I believe he will talk to the American people about the problems we face and what must be done to solve them.

I believe that he will do his best to resolve the two wars currently straining our troops to the limit, that he will better support our soldiers by seeing to it that they get the armor they need, and the medical treatment they need (including psychological help). I believe he will have a more realistic vision of the limits of American power and how to achieve our strategic objectives, and how to cooperate with other nations.

The next President faces enormous problems. He needs our help to solve them. Please give him a chance.

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