Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama's Speech

Well, Obama won me over. I'm supporting whoever the Democrat is in November, for many reasons, the makeup of the Supreme Court most importantly. I've had some doubts for various reasons about Hilary and Obama. Hilary for her ties to corporate America, Obama on his experience (though I'm aware that Lincoln started his Presidency with less experience), and because Paul Krugman dislikes his health care program. But his speech was a thing of beauty. He mentioned the grievances of both sides, the wrongs of both sides, but made clear he disagreed with Wright without entirely repudiating him. More importantly, he did not deny the anger of the black community and their reasons for it, while acknowledging some resentments among whites. It was masterful, and powerful, and gives me hope that he could indeed be what we need as President. As usual, Jon Stewart summed it up the best on The Daily Show. He said, finally, somebody talked to Americans about race as if talking to adults.

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