Monday, December 3, 2007

ToDo Lists with Remember The Milk

Organization is not one of strong points... in fact I used to consider myself a whirling piece of chaos. Things have, thankfully, settled down a bit. Still, any more organization I can get in my life is a bonus. So I've been looking for a nice program to help me create to-do lists and manage them, and I've just tried out one that I like. It is Remember the Milk ( It has some nice features. It can create multiple lists, with one set as the default. Add tasks, give them a due date, add priorities, tags, locations, and URLs. Tasks can be set to repeat. Tasks can be sorted by due date, priority, or task name. Everything is searchable. Tasks can be easily exported to Google Calendar. Since it is all saved on the web, tasks can be accessed from any computer.

There, I feel more organized already!

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