Monday, December 3, 2007

Mary of Many Colors?

So where did the title of this blog come from? I'm not altogether sure. When creating my first personal web page, that was the title I used. It seems to come from a deep place inside. I love the interplay of colors in the world and in a rainbow; it is hard to say my favorite color because I love their interaction so much. Also, the older I grow the more I value diversity. I like to think I'm good at listening, at hearing people's stories, and how wonderful it is to hear different people's experiences. So many colors represents the diversity of the human race. Maybe that sounds too politically correct, but it is true, and one of the reasons I'm in the bookclub in the Library. We read a more diverse set of authors than I would know about on my own. I do hope to add some reviews to this blog, and I also review the books I read on Library Thing ( My user name there is reannon.

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