Monday, December 15, 2008

Book Review: Haunted, by Kelley Armstrong

Title Haunted (Women of the Otherworld, Book 5)
Kelley Armstrong
Rating ****
Tags paranormal, suspense, werewolves, witches, ghosts

Fifth in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. The narrator of this one is Eve, mother of the young powerful witch Savannah. Eve really does her best to protect Savannah, but her task is made difficult by the fact that she's dead, and ghosts are a bit limited in what they can accomplish. The Fates giver her a task that might suit her strength of character and her creative solutions... she is to capture the Nix, a supernatural creature who takes up residence in ther brains of female psychopaths and encourages them to act on their homicidal tendencies. Aiding Eve is Trsiel, an angel, and her dear love, Kristof Nast, who is also a ghost.

This one gets a bit too dark for me when she goes to the prison dimension for serial killers, but overall it is a good book.

Publication Spectra (2005), Mass Market Paperback, 528 pages
Publication date 2005
ISBN 0553587080 / 9780553587081

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